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Customizable water walls, water columns, string water curtains, infinity fountains, sculptures with water and artistic glass, contemplative fountains and much more.

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In houses, offices, hotels, shopping mall and all meeting places, flowing water is able to give emotions and a state of well-being.

Indoor fountains are a sought-after piece of furniture, able to amaze and give an extra touch to the environment where they are. The sensations an indoor fountain can give us are made of visual, sensory and environmental elements: an authentic Customer Experience.

The motion of water creates a state of well-being and calls to mind images of natural landscapes: rivers, waterfalls and mountain lakes.

The sound of water affects relaxation and concentration. Constant but always different, it is a pleasant background for our convivial and meeting moments and it creates a welcoming environment.
Forme d’Acqua is specialized in the construction of indoor fountains and therefore offers consultancy to designers.

One of the main themes for indoor fountains is the acoustic impact that water can have in the environment. We reach our goal when the fountain becomes attractive, when it is a pleasure to be near it. In this case it is no longer a matter of water noise, but of sound or runoff.

In indoor fountains water makes its way along pleasant and carefully selected sliding surfaces, embellished with a dedicated lighting system. The game of light, reflections and movement of water creates unique scenarios. To have a water installation with RGB color lighting gives dynamism to the fountain and makes the atmosphere even more magical.

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Emotions and well-being

Customizable water walls, water columns, water pipes, infinity fountains, sculptures with water and artistic glass, contemplative fountains: Forme d'acqua creates custom-made indoor fountains, designing the concept and the mechanical systems.

In Houses

Surprise your guests and give a touch of wellness to your home environment

Shopping centers

Symbol of wealth and prosperity, the water will give a magical touch to your shopping center.

Accommodation facilities

An elegant and refined element, an indoor fountain to welcome your customers


Surprise your customers with a fountain for your hotel, an elegant and stylish piece of furniture.


The benefits of indoor fountains

The benefits of an indoor fountain are numerous: not only the aesthetic factor, but there are also many physical and environmental benefits that we can obtain from its presence.

Flowing water positively affects the well – living conditions of a room and our health. An indoor fountain, in fact, is able to give humidity to a too dry environment or vice versa to retain it from a room that is too dump, helping to regulate the thermo-hygrometric wellbeing in the places where we live and work.

Water create a circular movement of air, slow and constant, which helps to eliminate the particles of fine dust and therefore helps to keep the air fresher and cleaner.

Forme d’Acqua pays close attention to the treatment of water in indoor fountains, keeping it sterile, transparent and odorless: we include in our realizations an automatic dosing system of chemical products that prevent the formation of limestone and algae.

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Types and characteristics

We realize many types of taylor made indoor fountain


Customizable water walls

Each wall of water can be customized according to your brand's needs.

Water columns

A long, thin column of water smoothly flows, creating the noise of a small mountain spring.

String Water Curtain

The water goes down along threads of almost invisible plastic material, silent and imperceptible.

Contemplative fountains

Listen to the sound of water, observe its movement along precious surfaces in selected materials, a new form of relaxation.

Infinity fountains

The water creates a smooth and homogeneous surface up to the overflow, or a jump, of one or more sides that gives dynamism to the water.

Sculptures with water and artistic glass

Murano glass marries water in fountains with a very spectacular effect.

Our exclusive indoor fountain collection: Le Sirene

Le Sirene, a collection of high-tech fountains: their central system is entrusted to a computerized electronic control unit managed by smartphones. Lighting is made with an RGBW LED system that can be programmed with infinite combinations of colors, they also have an audio system inside them that allows us to listen to our favorite music via Bluetooth or WI-FI.

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Precious materials

In Le Sirene, water flows over precious hand-made Murano glass surfaces and on selected marble slabs.


The Sirens are designed to be sustainable: they are born to last for a long time and to have a low environmental impact.

Reliable technology

The Sirens are interactive fountains made with the best technologies on the market.


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